Monday, April 4, 2016

Stakeholders must be Engaged in the Education of Utah Children.

Stakeholder involvement is the key to successful schools.  If elected, I have committed to open lines of communication with all stakeholders.  My attitude will not be what I can accomplish, but rather, what WE can accomplish.

I will listen to and seek to balance the views all stakeholders:

*  Students
*  Parents
*  Teachers
*  Administrators
*  Community members
*  local school board members
*  state representatives 
*  city councilors
*  etc.

Educating Utah Children Benefits Everyone!

Occasionally an individual has expressed to me concern over the fact that so many of their tax dollars go to education.  There are various reasons that people may feel this way, but I would like to propose that everyone benefits from Utah children receiving a high quality education.

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